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At Enterprise Investment, our team of advisors abides by a specific set of principles in approaching a potential new investment. In adhering to these principles, our conclusions are soundly based on facts and fundamentals rather than emotion or impermanent trends.

Existing Client Referrals

We like to be referred by our existing clients, as it helps eliminate doubt between parties involved in the venture. By being referred, much of the needed pre-qualification can be expedited and there is greater clarity as to what we can achieve.

New and Emerging Markets

We invest in companies that have ventured into new markets and are at the early stages of development. If the market shows strong sustainability and growth potential, then Enterprise Investment will consider providing funds to help a new business.

We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities in specialist areas, as they can offer some of the strongest returns on investment.


A company’s vision should be clear. A product or service should be easily explainable, clearly demonstrating why it has a competitive advantage over the competition.

The reason Enterprise Investment looks for a clear idea is, ultimately, you need to communicate with consumers, marketing teams and sales personnel. If the idea is convoluted, then you run the risk of being unable to communicate or effectively market your product, hindering its chance of success.

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Enterprise Assets is a new choice for institutional traders. Regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE, it offers a complete service from execution through to post trade solutions.

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Stocks are one of the primary means of raising additional capital for companies.

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The majority of those who have achieved a comfortable lifestyle are more concerned with preserving it than with achieving the highest possible returns on their money.

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We have a long history and strong dedication to helping high net worth individuals meet their investment objectives.

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